The Lesbian Fred and Ginger

Happy Valentine's Day from Liberty's Secret!  As I've been developing a press kit for the movie lately, I've been sifting through production stills to find the very best ones.  There are so many to choose from, but here is one of my favorites.  Maybe it had something to do with getting "married" on the third day that they knew each other, but Cara and Jacléne had an instant bond and chemistry.  I think you can see it here.  Could they become the lesbian Fred and Ginger?


Dance Therapy

Color correcting one of my favorite scenes today, a "gender re-orientation camp." Hilarious cast of friends, colleagues, students, and stars.

Posted by Liberty's Secret: The 100% All-American Musical on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coming to the Finish Line

Now that the picture edit is done, we are finishing up post-production on the movie so it can be ready for a film festival premiere early next year.  (Not sure exactly where or when yet, but stay tuned ...)  We've officially entered the "tweaking" stage of the process -- adjusting color, balancing dialog levels, polishing visual effects shots.  To me, it is a very interesting process, but a bit like being a dental hygienist, I imagine -- trying to clean up every nook and cranny of the movie so its smile is as bright as possible.  Here's one of the visual effects shots I just finished.  Since we didn't exactly have the budget to send our stars to Mt. Rushmore, we shot them in front of a green screen, and swapped out the green for those four chiseled dudes you see in the background:)  (This is a shot from Liberty and Nikki's campaign road trip.)

Love Wins

In celebration of the Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality yesterday, here's an excerpt from Liberty's wedding, the last scene in the movie.  (I figured you already knew how the movie ends.)  If you would like to see the entire wedding scene, please join our mailing list on the home page, and we will send you a link.  Enjoy.

Magazine Stories about Liberty's Secret

There were two wonderful stories about the movie this week.  Fellow Michigander (by coincidence), Dana Piccoli, wrote a great story for, focussing on the ways that the film connects to the present political situation here Michigan -- particularly as it relates to LGBT and women's rights.

Here's the link:

And Melanie Barker wrote a really nice piece in Curve magazine, encouraging people to help out with our Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  Here is that link:

Jaclene Wilk and Cara AnnMarie tap dancing on set.

Jaclene Wilk and Cara AnnMarie tap dancing on set.

Bubble and Scrub

Here's a clip from one of my favorite scenes, a revival meeting in Liberty's hometown church. A song and dance for saints and sinners alike.  Hilarious performances by Caroline Helton (church lady), Ellie Todd (stripper), and Chris Lutkin (reverend).