Liberty's Secret Soundtrack Album Coming July 4!

We're very excited to announce soundtrack for Liberty's Secret, featuring 10 original songs, will be available on July 4, 2017.  (This was a project that we had to put on the back burner while the movie was on its festival run.)  If you want to be the first on your block to own the soundtrack, you can pre-order now on Amazon  or iTunes.  We are also in the process of manufacturing a CD that will include all of the lyrics and a few choice photos, if you happen prefer discs -- or want to sing along.  (The CD will be available on, but probably not until the end of July.)  Following the release on iTunes and Amazon, the soundtrack will be playing on streaming services like Spotify.  If you do buy the album, please consider leaving us a review and a rating.  (Reviews are HUGE help to spreading word about the movie/music.)  


Liberty Goes to Vegas!

Sometimes a film will take you to places you never expected to go.  In my case, that place was Las Vegas, or, more precisely, Bally's Paris, that crazy hotel with the fake Eiffel Tower.  (Imagine a cross between the real Paris, a theme park, and a shopping mall -- where instead of cobble stones, the streets are covered in linoleum.)

The streets of Paris ... er, Vegas.

The streets of Paris ... er, Vegas.

It was all for a totally worthy cause though.  Our film was screening at ClexaCon, an international convention and film festival focussed on queer women's entertainment.  Here's a nice article about this terrific event from the Hollywood Times.  The audience at our screening really seemed to love Liberty's Secret, and the staff couldn't have been nicer.

Our movie is finding its way in the world, as more and more people are discovering it and recommending it to their friends. So far, we have sold downloads in 60 countries, and our trailer has been played over 100,000 times.  We are now online with several streaming services, including AmazonVimeoOnDemand, and several others, and we will be available on iTunes April 18.

I'm also very happy to announce that we have just launched on a new global platform called FilmDoo, which specializes in international features and lgbtq (especially lesbian) films.  If you haven't seen their site yet, it is definitely worth your time to take a look.  And while you are there, you can even read an interview with me that they just posted!  (Hopefully, I didn't say anything too embarrassing.)

That's all for now, except to quickly mention that our soundtrack album will finally be coming out next month.  Stay tuned for details, and stay warm.  Best,  Andy

Feature Story on Michigan Radio's Stateside Program

Stateside, a news and culture show on Michigan Public Radio, did a nice feature on Liberty's Secret today.  Host Cynthia Canty interviewed Liberty's Secret director Andy Kirshner about the upcoming premiere at the Michigan Theater, and played several audio clips from the movie.  Here's a link to the full story/interview:

Cara AnnMarie and Jacléne Wilk in  Liberty's Secret.

Cara AnnMarie and Jacléne Wilk in Liberty's Secret.

Liberty's Launch: The All-American Lesbian Movie-Musical Premieres Sept. 22

Almost eight years in the making, our good old-fashioned lesbian movie-musical will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI at 8PM, for one night only!  Info on tickets and reservations will be coming soon, so please stay tuned to this page for more specifics.  For those of you who are not in Ann Arbor or environs, (yes, I am talking to you, dear Australian, Indonesian, and other International fans), we are currently working out a way for you to screen the film publicly or privately in your own communities, shortly after the Sept. 22 premiere here.  More details coming soon on how you can screen Liberty's Secret right where you live.

Jaclene Wilk and Cara AnnMarie in a scene from  Liberty's Secret.

Jaclene Wilk and Cara AnnMarie in a scene from Liberty's Secret.

The Lesbian Fred and Ginger

Happy Valentine's Day from Liberty's Secret!  As I've been developing a press kit for the movie lately, I've been sifting through production stills to find the very best ones.  There are so many to choose from, but here is one of my favorites.  Maybe it had something to do with getting "married" on the third day that they knew each other, but Cara and Jacléne had an instant bond and chemistry.  I think you can see it here.  Could they become the lesbian Fred and Ginger?


Dance Therapy

Color correcting one of my favorite scenes today, a "gender re-orientation camp." Hilarious cast of friends, colleagues, students, and stars.

Posted by Liberty's Secret: The 100% All-American Musical on Sunday, January 17, 2016