None of These Animals Will Sing at Trump's Inauguration: Love it or Leash it!

Sometimes when you are making a movie, you have a "great" idea that just doesn't quite make it to the final cut.  With Liberty's Secret we had one such terrific idea: patriotic pets!  If I recall correctly (this was three years ago), we had planned to insert a montage of Liberty's rise to political super-stardom that culminated in a rally for flag-waving animals.  Our wonderful Art Department, let by Laura Pazuchowski, rustled up some pets (several, her own), and styled the photos (shot by Katie Moran).  But alas, these aspiring pet thespians ended up on the cutting room floor.  I thought I could at least share the pictures here though.  (Note:  No animals were politically indoctrinated in the making of this film.)