Liberty's Secret available with Closed Captions in German!

Thanks to our friend Martin Wolkner, Liberty's Secret now includes German closed captions when purchased or rented on VimeoOnDemand or VHX.  Just click on the CC icon in Vimeo or the speech bubble in VHX and select German as your preferred language!

(Please note that our preview trailer doesn't have captions yet, but the full movie does.)

We received a very nice review today in L-Mag, a Berlin lesbian publication.  Uta Feuerstein, who saw the film in Cologne last Fall, is the author.  She's a singer and singing teacher herself, so her praise for Jacléne and Cara's voices is especially meaningful.  Here's a snapshot of the review.  We hope that many more in German speaking countries will enjoy our film!

Liberty's Secret Review in L-Mag, Berlin.