Coming to the Finish Line

Now that the picture edit is done, we are finishing up post-production on the movie so it can be ready for a film festival premiere early next year.  (Not sure exactly where or when yet, but stay tuned ...)  We've officially entered the "tweaking" stage of the process -- adjusting color, balancing dialog levels, polishing visual effects shots.  To me, it is a very interesting process, but a bit like being a dental hygienist, I imagine -- trying to clean up every nook and cranny of the movie so its smile is as bright as possible.  Here's one of the visual effects shots I just finished.  Since we didn't exactly have the budget to send our stars to Mt. Rushmore, we shot them in front of a green screen, and swapped out the green for those four chiseled dudes you see in the background:)  (This is a shot from Liberty and Nikki's campaign road trip.)